What Can You Do If Your MLM Or Network Company Will Only Let You Use THEIR Website For Marketing Online

This is a question I get all of the time, “Bill, How am I supposed to stand out among the crowd of people in my company, when they only let us use their corporate created sites, and we all look the same!”  So earlier today as i was about to answer this again, I thought to myself, “This would make a great article for the blog.”  That way everyone can see it at once!

I know that a lot of you feel like the graphic below (dead in the water) after you’ve been in your company for a few weeks to a few months, and aren’t really seeing much by way of sales.

Bill Jenkins

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to get around the “corporate rules”.  H

Here’s a GOOD one.

First, never think of yourself as dead in the water.  Such negativity only breeds trouble and attracts more “deadness” to you.  In your sign-ups, in your creativity.  In your bank account.  Let’s take a minute and think a little outside of the box about how you are spreading the word when you introduce people to your opportunity.

Do you want the truth?  (Can you handle it?)  Directing interested sign-ups and buyers over to the website your company set up isn’t going to make you successful.  If it did, you wouldn’t be reading this now.  So let’s begin by assuring ourselves that this restriction is really less restrictive than we might think.

Remember, the familiar adage which bears repeating at LEAST 3 times per day:

People don’t join opportunities, they join people.

Bill Jenkins

In other words, there isn’t anything that you should be doing on the front end of your marketing that should even mention your company name or what they do.  No doubt that needs a little explanation . . .

The very best sign-ups for your company are going to be action takers like you.

And what is it that action takers are looking for?

Solutions and Direction.

This is the ONLY thing that you should be offering to people. (And I don’t mean, “My business will solve all your problems” type of pitches.)  People will join you because they “know” you, and  you’ve proven you can help them, by solving other problems that they’ve encountered, not because your magnetic weight loss gizmo is cooler than someone else’s.  So when you’re “marketing”, do what I do:  market YOURSELF.

Create your own email solutions. Do your own capture pages for new leads.  Talk to your list everyday.

And if you are really getting ready for the big time, make a front end product that solves one of your prospects 3 major hurdles in business:

1. How to get more leads (more easily)

2. How to make More Money (more easily)

3. How to recruit without being rejected (definitely more easy)

After they are drooling with excited, they will purchase it from you and then . . .

After your initial costs are paid out of your profits, call you clients about your back end opportunity.  Having solved their initial problems, they are going to be more than ready to hear you out!

Ask them if there is any way you can be of additional service.  Any marketer worth their salt is going to wonder what else you’re doing.  (If not, you don’t want them on your team anyway!)

Then, is EXACTLY the perfect time to pitch them on your main opportunity.

You may say, but “Bill, I can’t create a product.”

Let me give you a couple of answers.

Yes you can if you want to, and,  you really do not have to have one just for trying to recruit on the internet. But it really does make sense. This is your business.  Make something of it.  Get some skin in the game and you’ll be more driven to succeed.  Even if you are only creating a list. Tell your war stories your successes and failures.  People love to hear them.  Give good marketing strategies daily, then place a “call to action” at the end of you write-up like this:


“If you’d like some personal help no charge no obligation, I’ll be in the office between 4pm and 8pm tonight at

XXX-XXXX.  Feel free to give me a call.

Bill Jenkins


People will be ringing your phone off the hook and they probably won’t honor your hours either.  And their are plenty of people who don’t understand the differences in time zones! Trust me on that one.

Cna you begin to see how we never even bring up our company online following this pattern? Can you see why you can forget pushing traffic to your boring old cookie cutter website?  If so, that’s exactly why you’re in no way shape or form dead in the water.

If you’d want to get into strategies on how to generate a boat load of leads, or make your first product, or turn on a faucet of daily flowing profits, there is no better place to learn these skills than as a part of our family.

Watch this short presentation to learn how to see how to get started:

==> https://daegansmith.infusionsoft.com/go/freedvdbootcamp/traderwi

Bill JenkinsTo the top,

William Jenkins



Low Cost Business Opportunities / Attraction Marketing

low cost business opportunitesAre you here because you’re looking for Low Cost Business Opportunities that you can start from home?  Wonderful!  You’ve come to the right place (there’s no place like home).  And there’s no better establishment to work in!  (Plus you’ll absolutely love your boss.)

So…you’re ready to get out of the starting gate, but you only have a worn out old shoestring for a budget.   In that case, you’ll want to think long and hard about your choices.  You’re getting ready to make a big commitment; this is your business.  As you grow it, this is going to be a big reflection on you.  It will reveal many of your likes, show the depth of your determination, and even display the flavor of your personality.  What I am trying to say is, you don’t want to jump into any old business because it’s cheap and in your price range.  Want some really good news?  There are a lot of low cost business opportunities that you can begin, so choose carefully, and get something that is a good fit for you.

But we have to remember the first cardinal rule of business:

 Nothing happens until something is sold.

While most people don’t like to think about it, the fact is,  you will have to SELL.  The problem?   Most people don’t like to sell.  They get a strong sense that they are bugging their friends and neighbors (which, of course, they are most of the time), and after they have used up all their personal contacts, they don’t have anyone left to sell to.

The solution?  Let your customers come to you.  Pretty radical, huh?  I believe this is why the traditional store was constructed to begin with.  You just put your goods and produce in a shop, hang out your shingle, and wait for your customers to come beating down your door!  Now we have another problem; it isn’t one of those low cost business opportunities anymore.

To fix that problem, a lot of folks will turn to direct sales for their low cost start up.  They turn up their bravery level a few dozen notches, find some good stuff they can believe in, lace up their selling shoes, and out of the gate they sprint.

But now we’re back to our first problem.

People don’t like selling, and people don’t like TO BE SOLD!

So how can we come up with a plan, where even though we don’t have a brick and mortar store, that we can still attract our customers to come to us?  And how do we extend our circle of money in hand buyers beyond our family and friends?

The answer: (FINALLY) is with Attraction Marketing.  Here is the dirty little secret of all successful sellers, that, when carried out, will lift your sales numbers stratospherically, will aid you to find more customers outside of your blood relatives and BFF’s, and will still be the best of the low cost business opportunities.

Low Cost Business Opportunities:  How NOT To Alienate Your Family and Send Your Friends Heading for the Front Door

Attraction Marketing makes you the hunter, instead of the hunter.  It elevates you to the enviable spot where you solve your customers’ problems.  Like a powerful magnet you will begin to attract customers to you, who are looking for just what you have.  They are ready to buy, and (wonderfully enough) you are ready to sell.  YOU have solved their problem with your product, and they have solved your problem with their cash, and EVERYBODY is a winner.

Plus it gets even better.  As you begin to grow your business, you will come across other business people who will notice your success.  They will want to know all your secrets…like how do you magnetically attract the right kind of customer (the one who is ready to buy, and not just a bunch of “tire kickers”.)

Then you can do the same thing I am doing for you.  Show them the principles of Attraction Marketing.

low cost business opportunities

In the end, it really doesn’t matter what you’re selling.  If you love your business, you will love your life.  The key is, HOW you sell it.  The best low cost business opportunities start their success stories right here.

The information that will solve all your problems is found here,  Building On A Budget.

This will give you a FREE video series of the TOP 5 Ways to build any home business on a Budget.

There’s no obligation, and the information on low cost business opportunities is absolutely invaluable.


To Your Success!




Lower Currencies Ahead


What is FX Daily Report April 23, 2012 10:45 PM EST
Good evening Forex traders: in spite of what may look like a steady market (except for the aussie in the last hour), it looks to me like we may still be in for some downside shocks.
While the euro looks range bound for the present between 1.30 and 1.33, and we should be on the lookout to trade these extremes, i will be far or comfortable trading the euro short from the 1.33 level rather than the other way around.
Let’s take a survey of where we are.  A scandal out of the world’s largest retailer, Walmart has sent all 3 equity indices running for cover and dramatically lower.  At the same time more political turmoil in the EZ has investors moving to the edge of their seats.  Spanish bond yields are elevating once again, and this will certainly come back to haunt the euro, but for tonight the volatile news is out of the Netherlands.  the Dutch PM and his cabinet have officially resigned in the wake of serious infighting over austerity measures.  Failing to come to an agreement, leaders were actually walking out of the debates.  of course the Netherlands is not a huge economy in the euro scheme of things, but such instability affects the whole group.  ratings agencies are already threatening to strip the Netherlands of their AAA rating.
France is also facing some turbulence ahead.  In a first round of elections, and upset is in the making with ramifications for the current monetary program in France.  I’m sure we’ll have more to say about this in days ahead, but for now suffice it to say that if France desires to renegotiate the EZ treaties to promote growth over austerity, it is going to upset plenty of applecarts.
The Sterling continued flexing its muscle against the USD today, but she is really holding a difficult hand at the table.  And if anyone is looking for higher rates out of the UK and a rate differential war between the UK and US to start shaping up, they should know that the UK is bluffing.
Unable to contain inflation, and realizing that inflation will not be coming down before the 2H of 2012 has put the UK ina bind.  they have already doled out their QE program and have aggressively expanded it twice.  But the BoE formulated it’s plan based on the assumption that inflation would mainly be directed by wage pressures.  However, it is rising oil prices and demand that are now calling the shots.  A slowing UK economy will do little to dampen those factors.
Lastly let’s consider the Australian situation.  The CPI numbers came out and they were not pretty.  Already forecast to fall to 2.1% from 3.1% last reading, the actual data was only an increase of 1.6%.  The RBA having warned that falling price pressures would likely induce lower rates going forward, the markets are now pricing in a closing of the rate differential between the aussie and others.

Here are the major pairs we are watching and their daily pivots, please note the additional resistances where needed: EUR—S1-1.3102, P-1.3156, R1-1.3208 GBP—S1-1.6093. P-1.6113, R1-1.6150 AUD—S1-1.0262 ,P-1.0323 , R1-1.0374

Happy Trading!
traderwillie8782@yahoo.com facebook.com/ TheFXTradingMasters Forex Trading March Results: +185.0 pips Year-To-Date Results: +2,038.0 pips 

what is fx

What is FX Daily Report

April 20, 2012
7:45 AM EST

A personal invitation to trade with Bill Jenkins

Good morning What Is FX traders: we have mentioned several times in the last couple of weeks about the de-coupling of certain risk trends against the dollar. We could really see that last night in the fx markets.

While “risk currencies” euro and sterling were stellar performers as we expected, the aussie, representing the commodity currencies is still faltering. One upon a time, in not too distant history, we would never have seen this. It was everyone against the dollar or the dollar was beating up on everyone. But now there is a returning sense of fundamentals in the market, where each pair is judged on it’s on merit. It is not perfect mind you, but this is why we are seeing such divergences.

What Is FX spoke at some length last night about euro repatriation as a fundamental driver, even as Spanish (and therefore Euro conditions as a whole) are slowly deteriorating. However, in early euro trade it is the data sets, and the overall tone of the market that, that have continued to flush stops and lift the pairs against the dollar.

The big info overnight was the UK Retail Sales data which blew all expectations out of the water, coming in at 1.8% vs 0.4 forecast. We also saw a couple of German sentiment indices that came in higher than expected as well. One thing that may have capped a further rally was the increase in inflation reported out of Germany, added to the comments from the BoE earlier this week in their minutes that their inflation was worrisome.

As for the remainder of the day, there is some Canadian data on the docket, but nothing expected to drive the markets that we are in.

The dollar has continued to wear out the aussie, canadian, and NZ pairs. so we have some usd strength, and some risk strength as well.

What Is FX Daily Directions

The following paragraphs have been omitted by the editor as they contain proprietary trading information that is reserved for our subscribers.  Please visit The FX Trading Masters to get your 90 day trial.

Happy Trading!
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What Is FX Year-To-Date Results: +2,038.0 pips


What Is FX: Reversal Shaping Up


what is fx

What is FX Daily Report

April 19, 2012 9:25 AM EST
A Personal Invitation from Bill Jenkins Good morning What Is FX traders: it was a very miserable night but I’ve drug myself to the computer to make my best effort at getting a decent report for this morning.  My fat fingers seems to be all over the keyboard and already I’ve had more typos than normal!
At any rate, the big story from earlier this morning is the Spanish 2 yr and 10 yr bond sale.  We noted earlier in the week that the 3month and 6 month sale had been well covered, but also that shorter term debt is easier to sell, and there are a lot more people willing to hold it.  Longer term debt is a different story.  However, the auction was well covered, and Spain raised the target of cash it was looking for, but at a price.  So the market initially seemed pleased with the results.  But with the 2 year now at5.403%, and the 10 year at 5.789%, the pinch is on. 
Since the initial bullish response we see the euro , sterling and aussie all dropping on a swift pullback.  Were the bears setting up a bull trap?  We’ll see as the day unfolds.
The US jobless claims were not encouraging, being forecast to come in at 3.280Million while last weeks reading was upwardly revised to 3.271M.  The actual data was 3.290M.  Continuing claims were up also.  The intitial reaction was dollar bullish but that has also revesed into something of a dollar sell down now.
Thus that could be the story of the day, which has also been the story of the week.  Indecision, waffling opinions, and rather directionless trading.  
The G20 is meeting this weekend, and it is hard to say what, if anything, may come of their proceedings.  They have consistently marginalized themselves more and more with empty rhetoric aimed at each other.  Everybody wants to get the splinter out of the eye of their neighbor, but does not want to remove the log that is in their own eye.
As the day unfolds, we have house data and Leading indicators(US), and Consumer Confidence (euro) up for release at 10AM EST.

What Is FX Daily Directions

The following paragraphs have been omitted by the editor as they contain proprietary trading information reserved for our subscribers.  Please visit The FX Trading Masters for your 90 day trial.

Happy Trading!
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